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The Stone Fence, a Great Drink for Autumn

Posted on 31 Oct 2011.

This past weekend, Abigail and I hosted a party to celebrate Abigail’s birthday. Apple cider is one of Abigail’s favorite Fall treats and she asked if there were any good mixed drinks that used cider as an ingredient.

A few minutes of searching brought me to an old drink called the Stone Fence, which I heartily recommend.

From what I have learned, the Stone Fence is a traditional drink from New England dating back to around the time of the American Revolution. It’s a fairly simple and straight-forward mixed drink and has a number of my favorite Autumn flavors.

### Stone Fence ### from The Kitchn
(makes one cocktail)

  • 2 ounces bourbon (I used Maker’s Mark; rum or brandy or applejack will do just fine)
  • About 6 ounces apple cider

Pour the bourbon into a glass, add two or three ice cubes, then pour the apple cider on top. Enjoy!

We had a bottle of Spiced Cider from Trader Joe’s around, though I’m sure this would taste even better with fresh apple cider from a farm.

In looking up the history of the Stone Fence, I discovered another recipe which suggested using a good hard (alcoholic) cider, which I plan to try soon. The hard cider recipe is most likely the more historically accurate one, since before Prohibition, hard cider was as popular a drink (maybe even moreso) than beer is today. So if you haven’t, try some hard cider!

More on the history of the Stone Fence and cider in America: - Stone Fence recipe from - Cider in the U.S., 78 Years After Prohibition - “The Mysterious Demise of Hard Cider in America” by Dr. David R. Williams