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Adventures in Standing: My Standing Desk

Posted on 16 Dec 2011.

For about six months now, I have been regularly standing up while I work. There is a lot of compelling research out there that suggests that standing while working helps you burn many more calories per day and has many other health benefits.

Personally, I find I focus very well while standing and that moving around (okay, I’ll admit it: dancing) while working and listening to music is very enjoyable.

A few friends have been curious about my standing desk set up so I thought I’d detail what I have put together.

An important note is that you should customize the height of your desk to match your actual height. If you stand at something the wrong height, your hands won’t be in the right place and you may end up craning your neck (the goal is you should be looking straight ahead, not up or down at all). Check out the standing desk calculator at for help figuring out the measurements you need.

My Standing Desk

My Standing Desk Set-up: