Brian McMurray

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Drupal on the go with jQuery Mobile

Presenters: Brian McMurray, Tim Cosgrove
Dates Presented: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For some front-end developers, there are few more exciting words than “mobile” and “jQuery.” The recent release of the jQuery Mobile framework promises slick, cross-device mobile interfaces that are simple to develop.

As we begin to contemplate jQuery Mobile for Drupal, the question hangs in the air…will it blend?

In this session, we’ll introduce the jQuery Mobile framework, take a look at how it applies to building basic sites, and then see what happens when we introduce it to Drupal 7. Topics of discussion include:

  • What is jQuery Mobile
  • How jQuery Mobile can be used in building basic sites, and how various devices render
  • Potential hangups between the two technologies
  • Walkthroughs of forward-facing and admin themes (targeted for community contribution)
  • Pros and cons of alternative approaches