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The Drop and the Painter: Drupal and RaphaëlJS

Presenters: Brian McMurray, Patrick Macom
Dates Presented: Sunday, June 26, 2011

RaphaëlJS is a JavaScript library for drawing and animating with SVG and VML. It can provide vector drawing and interactivity with a simple cross-browser API. Using just JavaScript (no plug-ins required), one can create very compelling interactive media that can even work on the iPad. Combining it with Drupal opens up the possibility to make interesting interactive infographics with your site content and engage your users.

In this session, we’ll journey through the process of making awesome interactions with Drupal and Raphaël: touching on some advanced JavaScript techniques, extending Raphaël with custom functionality, and integrating with Drupal through AJAX and Drupal.behaviors.

This is an intermediate session and we’ll assume you already know about Raphaël, so if Raphaël is new to you, check out our introduction session: “Outside the Garden: Intro to RaphaëlJS”


Video for this presentation is available here: