Brian McMurray

Talks and Presentations Case Study

Presenters: Brian McMurray, Steven Merrill
Dates Presented: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Long before the Internet and “user generated content,” the Zagat Survey was providing its audience with the best in restaurant critiques from people just like them. Today, though, the field is crowded with user review sites. How does a premium review community like Zagat keep its edge in providing a useful and unique product? In February, 2011, relaunched on Drupal, retiring an aging ASP.NET with a new site packed full of social features. In addition to making it easier than ever to research and find great restaurants, the new is faster than its competition and, thanks to new internal procedures, is more able to respond quickly to bugs and roll out new functionality. Come learn about the ways that Zagat Survey and Treehouse Agency partnered to streamline the develop, test, and deploy process. You’ll gain insights into the architecture decisions behind which enables the site to be incredibly fast, and you’ll learn how creative data visualization tools enable richer and deeper content interaction.